Legit Korean // Jang Ga Nae

My family really loves Korean food, and if anything, I was so glad D had also learned to like Korean food when I started to bring him to some Korean restaurants. We even searched around for the best Korean restaurants in the city, and one restaurant we found was Jang Ga Nae, located along Escriva Drive (in front of NEDA sa Pasig and close to UA&P). Interestingly, I heard from some colleagues too that some Korean colleagues they had frequented the place. When you get there too, you see how there’s a lot of Korean nationals eating, and that’s usually a good indicator that the place serves good authentic meals.

The Food



I always love Korean banchan or appetizers. My favorites are kimchi, dilis, and the potato balls in sweet syrup, but I can still pretty much eat everything. Jang Ga Nae has a good selection of about 5-7 items, all or any of which are refillable when you request them to.


Their Dolsot Bibimbap is one of the best ones we’ve tried so far — which actually makes me wonder how it can be better since it seems like such a pretty simple and straightforward dish that you mix at your table, yet theirs is much better than the other ones we’ve tried. Be sure to put in all the bibimbap sauce so you taste it at its spicy-ish best and mix it well, and of course be careful not to touch the hot stone bowl.

Then came my favorites – the Korean BBQ. This time, we had the usual Ssam Gyup Sal (Pork Belly) and their Marinated Beef Ribs, which they cook in front of you.

IMG_8700 IMG_8707What I really love about Korean BBQ is how it encourages you to have your proteins with your greens. When you order their BBQ items, you’re given the Ssamjang which is their red bean paste, and some sesame oil with salt and pepper mixed with it.

Take a piece of meat and dip it in the sesame oil.IMG_8712

Then dip it in the Ssamjang.

Then wrap the meat in the lettuce. You have the option to actually add in some rice (from your bibimbap), some kimchi, or other ingredients. I usually take mine just as the meat or with the rice and kimchi. Sort of feels like a greenish Korean Sushi when you have it with rice. IMG_8710

And you take the entire thing in your mouth and chew.

(Not in photo)

In case you run out of lettuce or sauce, you can always request for more. As it is, I find that it’s a simple way to get yourself to eat greens and proteins at the same time. D likes to just have the BBQ by itself, dipped in the paste and the oil, though he does the whole lettuce wrap thing every once in a while. Whichever way though, since the meat by itself is good already, D still gets to taste the legit Korean taste to it.

Definitely one of the restaurants we always go back to!

Jang Ga Nae
G/F 8137 Plaza,
St Josemarie Escriva Dr
San Antonio, Pasig
(02) 633-6960


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