Eat Meat! // Meat Plus at Subic

Meat Plus is one restaurant D and I always heard of from people who’ve been to Subic or Clark — they ALL say it’s a must to eat there when you are in Subic or Clark. I’ve been in both Subic and Clark with my family countless numbers of times but we’ve never eaten there, so one long weekend when D and I decided to drive to Subic, we ate at Meat Plus.

Leaving Manila at about 930, we just got in just in time for lunch.

What to Expect

Meat Plus is structured more like a fast food restaurant, where you line up at their counter and order your food there. They have various meals and combinations and sides, but D and I were there for one thing – steaks! For just P415, you have a 200g portion of rib eye steak.


You can also choose to select your meat from their fridge, and have them cook it for a fee of just PhP100.


The Place

It’s not really the nicest, coziest place ever. And we really didn’t expect it to be.

IMG_8630Expect Fast-food Level type of interiors, seats, and seating configurations. It’s three rows of tables upon tables in this main area, and if you want to cross from one row to the other, either you squeeze through that gap in between tables in front of those men in black and white eating, or go all the way around.

The Food

The mushroom soup was quite good. I prefer creamy, thick mushroom soups, but the taste of theirs is good because you can almost taste crushed wild mushrooms with it, even if it had a thin consistency.

Ahh, yes. A few minutes after we ate the soup, came The Steak. It was served with gravy, a cup of rice, and some steamed and buttered fresh vegetables.IMG_8634

The steak was cooked nicely as we had asked it to be – medium rare. I set aside the gravy, and just focused on savoring my piece of meat.



You can actually tell it was good quality meat just by the taste of it. They just seasoned it quite lightly, and I had to add more salt and pepper to my slice as I ate through it. D was already okay with how thick the slice was, but I personally like steaks which are at least 1-inch thick. I was cutting a wide piece each time, folding it in half before putting it in my mouth to simulate that thick-piece-of-meat feel.

It was actually a good meal for us, since where huge meat eaters. Very badly put, but D and I suddenly missed Hot Racks at the compound of Club 650 in Libis, which has sadly been torn down as they build another condominium building there.

Worth the detour? I wouldn’t say so. We could eat there should we be in the area again, but we’ll likely not take the long drive specifically to just eat there. We couldn’t blame everyone raving about it though, since steak houses usually are too high brow, and their steaks usually cost an arm and a leg. For just less than PhP500, you can get good quality steaks at a relaxed and casual atmosphere in Meat Plus. Definitely worth a try, specially for those looking for a quick indulgent steak meal, and for those who just need their carnivorous fix.


Meat Plus Cafe
6 Sampson Rd.
Olongapo City, Zambales
(047) 252-6096


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