Happy 2015!

Much regret on having close to zero posts during the fourth quarter of 2014! Things just started to get really packed at work, what with 2015 looming really closely then. For a moment there, we were thinking of giving this up and letting it slide into the limbo of abandoned blogs, but somehow we realised during the first few days of 2015 that this should be something worthwhile to continue doing.

…well there’s also the fact that random people are doing it, so what more we who are so much more capable and awesome and exciting…

To be quite honest, we haven’t saved much of the recent photos from dates onto our laptops yet. There have also been dark days where we just decided to not take any photos at all! Interestingly though, those have been very few, so we just have a bunch of backlog entries we’d be posting in the next few weeks. If, by any chance, we realise we’ve forgotten about the restaurant and its food, we might just forgo posting and just post some of the newer places we’ve been able to try.

Here’s to more dates and more plates this 2015. Cheers!


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