OMG BEST MEX EVER // Chihuahua

About 2 months before opening, D saw a Chihuahua signage over at the Crossroads in BGC, near the Starbucks Drive Thru outlet. Upon telling me, I felt instantly giddy and excited, and for about two months I kept on insisting to check if it had opened so we can finally eat there. After soooo much waiting, we finally saw its red-and-white signage shining like a bright star to my Mex-food-stricken craving.


ahhhhhh finallyyyy

Similar to its Greenbelt and Makati Avenue branch, the place has a fast-food feel to it. You order from their counter, where you’d also see almost everything being prepared fresh and upon order.



You fist pick the format you want (burrito, quesadilla, etc), and then the type of meat. There was just one thing for me though: steak burritos!!


I regret that the photo doesn’t do much justice, and I don’t really know how to make burritos look good in photos. Burritos will always be one of my comfort foods, and by far, Chihuahua’s Steak Burrito really is in my Top 3 favorite burritos EVER. The steak, the rice, and all its filling – beans, greens, olives, peppers – just blends together to create one of the most heavenly burritos EVER. I just love it. Writing this post is making me crave it at this very moment. Ahhhh burrito, you’re pure awesomeness.


D on the other hand doesn’t feel the whole rice with the wrap thing. But he does love the taste and the meat. Thankfully, the Mexicans also have him covered, thus the Steak Quesadilla. It was really tasty, and the cheese super flavorful and authentic. It oozed out nicely as we bit through the nicely charred quesadilla. If I’m going low-carb, I’d probably get the quesadilla, but my craving for the spice-y rice-y tastiness in a burrito will never be complete with a quesadilla. At least I can get D to have this 🙂


Sorry – I must have gotten carried away with my burrito. We did get nachos and cheese before our mains were served. Very good flavor too – I have no words except I just want to get back to Chihuahua — pronto.


Like the other two branches, their BGC branch also has the hot sauce rack, which I don’t really get to maximize. Still, it’s a good rack of options for those who like to have it spicier.


As for me, I’m perfectly happy with the Chipotle and their Tomatillo.


Yes, I agree!!

THE VERDICT: It remains to be one of our go-to Mexican Restaurants in the city. Really really thankful they have a branch now in BGC, because both of their Makati branches are a chore to get to. I really think I need to drag D to go there real soon!


2nd Floor, Crossroads BGC,
32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City


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