Dumpling Desires // Tasty Dumplings at Banawe

One night after work, we decided we wanted to have some dimsum. With Banawe being along the way, it was just fitting that we headed there before going home. We had a couple of places in mind, but as we drove along, we found on place which seemed super interesting.

D & I have a knack for hole-in-the-wall places and unexpected dining, so this place at the corner of Amoranto and Banawe instantly seemed like a gem.


The place is pretty straightforward, and it felt like a legit dumpling eatery you’d find along the streets of Chinatown. It had that noisy Chinese restaurant ambience that somehow makes it feel more legit. Simple chairs and tables, can get a bit crowded on busy hours.


Their menu offered dumpling meals, soup, and their famed fried pork chop. First came the dumplings, which you can get steamed or fried. It had veggies and some meat in it, and it reminded us more of gyoza. Somehow I guess our idea of dumplings is equivalent to siomai or those stuff you get from Dimsum and Dumplings. So unfortunately this didn’t quite fulfil our Chinese siomai craving.


Something that got me interested though was the Hongma.



It was basically like a pork stew, something like a tastier asado or a less salty pata tim. They recommend to have the Silver Roll with it, which is basically like your siopao bread that’s fried. The pork was nice and tender, though it wasn’t as tasty as I would’ve wanted it to be. Should’ve had a little more saltiness or umami to it, I guess. Pairing it with the fried siopao bread was good though, and it filled me up pretty quickly.


D on the other hand got the porkchop with some noodles. We heard a bit of good reviews about it, but when we had our portion, it was rather underwhelming. So-so, according to D, like it had too much breading. Taste was fine, a bit on the salty side. We were both eating into it trying to find the tastiness that other people had talked about, but couldn’t really find it.

IMG_8591It was served with this brothy noodle soup. Not too memorable, but it complemented the saltiness of the pork.

THE VERDICT: It wasn’t as good as its name claimed. The dumplings simply weren’t that tasty, and everything else fell short. We didn’t find anything worth craving for from those that we’ve tried, so our next stopover there is rather unlike. Good try though, and this will not stop us from trying random hole-in-the-wall places!



Tasty Dumplings
583-585 N.S. Amoranto Ave. cor Banawe St.
Sienna, Quezon City
(02) 742-2917


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